September 13

The Bracha

Grade 6 started the process of understanding the concept of Brachot. We began by identifying what needs a Bracha. Is it just food, travel, something new, a rainbow… Next week we will be looking at the actual text to figure out all the different categories of Brachot. For a fun activity, which will be their assessment, (similar to a Spelling Bee), we will have a Bracha Bee. We hope all of you will be able to join us for the Bracha Bee.

Shabbat Shalom.

September 13

The Mitzva of Mezuzah

This week the 7th graders learned about the Mezuzah. They asked each other questions about the laws of the Mezuzah. Do we put a Mezuzah in a boat, a storage room, etc… I explained to the students they were reenacting what the great Rabbinical Sages did in the year 200. The students went around the school to make sure all the appropriate location had Mezuzot. Next week, we will be looking in the text  (the Talmud, the Torah, and the Shulchan Aruch) to understand what are the laws of the Mezuzah. The students are starting to understand the Torah is a living document.

September 13

This Week Post by Kiera Vered

Sept. 11, 2019


These last few weeks the Grade 8 class has been discussing ideas of what to learn this school year. One idea that came up was bonding with Hillel Lodge residents. We thought this was a great idea to show some Gemilut Hasadim to the elderly people. We got a list of hobbies that each resident wrote down on a piece of paper and based on that, we chose the resident who had hobbies that we were interested in, so it would be a good match to promote bonding and a shared interest. Our next step is to go meet with the residents and chat with them. The Grade 8 class is very excited to get to hear some of the amazing stories of these elderly people. They have lived through a lot so it will be a great learning experience for us and even for them to hear each other’s stories. They will also feel valued by the younger generation taking an interest in their past.

Another idea we had was to have a debate. We have had some class experiences with debates in the past and we thought it would be fun to do another one. The topic that we chose for this debate is the school dress code. We have some mixed opinions about the school dress code so it will be great to hear each other’s opinions when we debate this topic. 

Since we are the Grade 8 class, the most responsible grade in the school, each week we would teach a few things about Israel to the younger grades. Some examples are: One student from Grade 8 would write a small Torah portion and read it out to the younger grades. Another student would make a word search relating to Israel and the younger kids would try and solve it. Another student would write a small fact about Israel, sharing their knowledge to educate other students. 

      Before the start of a Jewish Studies period, Dr. Marcovitz would give us ten minutes to write a sentence or two about an Israeli article. This is a fast and fun way to learn about what’s going on in Israel right now. 

Kiera Vered

September 9

Grade 8: Jewish Studies Journal Entry #1 Due: Wednesday 9/11

Building meaningful friendships is an extremely important skill. The Grade 8 class is going to be meeting with residents of Hillel Lodge in order to form authentic relationships. Students will be creating weekly journal entries to document their experiences throughout this program. Additionally, students will be participating in friendship seminars that align with our Jewish Studies Curriculum, North Stars, and Seven Habits.

Journal Entry #1 (Due: Wednesday 9/11)

Students have the option to type their journal entry, write their entry in a notebook, video record their response, or sketch note their thoughts.

Respond to the following post:

  • Explain the essential elements of a successful friendship
    • You can provide personal examples
    • Are there different types of friendships?
      • What makes them work?
  • For this entry, if students have decided to write, there is a minimum of two paragraphs for this response.

Grade 8 Jewish Studies Journal Entries

September 6


Today the students were introduced to the concept, the Torah is a living document.  We discussed this week Torah Portion פרשהת and how it is relevant in the modern world. Below are the discussion questions.  Hopefully, they will share with you what they learned today.

Parent Signature:

Parshat Hashavua: Shoftim

A.This weeks Parsha, we learned about:













B.The Parsha  relates to at least one of our North Stars and why:





To me, the most relevant part of the Parsha is________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________because_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  1. Did you know the reason we blow Shofar everyday at school is because______________________________________________________________________________Personally, this is important to me because______________________________________________________________________________
  2. In Israel____________________________________________________________________________
September 6

First steps in Hebrew צעדים ראשונים בעברית – For our new Hebrew students

גם המסע הארוך ביותר מתחיל עם צעדים ראשונים

Even the longest journey starts with first steps


For our new Hebrew students


The following are links to Alef Beit songs that will help you learn the name and some sounds related to each Hebrew letter.

First the classic: this is an Israeli song that each and every child learn and sing:


And now to the tool that could let you recite the Alef Beit within 10 days (usually).

All you need to do is listen to it 2 times a day and sing with it!

There is Jewish wisdom that says: the shy will not learn … אין הבישן למד ואין הקפדן מלמד…

Do not be shy to sing it aloud, it’s pure fun!


Looking forward to listening to you in class!

Dr. Sagy

September 5

שבוע ראשון – סוף מעשה במחשבה תחילה

שלום לכולם!

המלל המקורי בעברית מיד אחרי התרגום

Shalom everyone,

Prepare Prepare for the Memory Games Championship

היכונו היכונו לאליפות משחקי הזכרון!!! בשבועות הקרובים נגלה למי יש את שרירי הזיכרון הטובים ביותר  : )

The first week of Hebrew at school! So exciting : )

So First thing First, starting with the end in mind : )  we had conversations on the Seven Habits and Schools Northen Stars. At this point, we are translating through the keywords in our study books, the rationale is to learn by games, and we will make our own memory games – a big competition to see who has the best memory mussels is coming up – once we will get these cards all ready for the game.

Shabbet Shalom!

Dr. Sagy


מרגש מאוד לחזור ללימודים! וכולנו נהנים

כידוע סוף מעשה במחשבה תחילה, ולכן אנו מתחילים את השנה עם התכוונות ומודעות למקום שבו אנו רוצים להיות בסוף התהליך

את הימים הראשונים העברנו בשיחות על תרבות בית הספר, כוכבי הצפון שמנחים אותנו ושבעת ההרגלים שבית הספר מאמץ למערך ההתנהלות שלו


כרגע אנו מתרגמים את המילים המרכזיות בספרי הלימוד שלנו וכדי ללמוד בכיף אנו נכים משחקי זכרון מהמילים


בברכת שבת שלום,

ד”ר שגיא