January 21

Grade 6: Responsibilities of a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Quiz (Wednesday, January 29th, 2020)

Yesterday our class decided that our next Jewish studies assessment will take place on Wednesday, January 29th, 2020. The review sheet below provides students with key terms to define along with short answer practice questions. Students should review their notes in order to prepare for the quiz.


Click the link below to access the review sheet:

Responsibilities of a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Review Sheet



January 15

The city of Tzfat through Virtual Reality lenses.

Recently, Kitah Zayin Hebrew II students finished learning about the city of Tzfat and if you can’t visit this beautiful city directly, our students have learned how to visit and transform through the world of Virtual Reality (VR).  Four different groups of students have transformed places in the city into lively places with lots of interesting characters. Students focused on familiar sites such as: The Artists’ Quarter, HaAri Synagogue, the Davidka Monument, and Old Town alleys.  They gave each place a special character that almost makes it possible to touch the characters and hear their voices, smell the smell of spices in the city, enjoy walking in the alleys of the city or praying in the famous synagogue HaAri along with other worshipers!  I have to admit that this is a very exciting experience and I am as passionate about the project as my students are. I hope that by the end of this week the students will be able to finish their projects and then we look forward to showing you the wonderful work that they have produced.

January 14

Grade 6: Are You Obligated to Wear Tzitzit While Playing Basketball?

This week we have been uncovering the meaning behind the tallit and tzitzit. We discussed the difference between the tallit gadol and the tallit katan. We also learned about the tekhelet (blue thread) that is to be attached when available to the fringes of a four cornered garment. The students were excited to research and learn about the mysterious “chilazon”.

If you want to learn more about the chilazon and tekhelet click here: https://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/530127/jewish/Tekhelet-The-Mystery-of-the-Long-Lost-Biblical-Blue-Thread.htm

Today students will be looking at various texts and verses that discuss the mitzvah of tzitzit. Students will also learn about the blessing that is said prior to putting on a tallit.

January 13

Grade 7: Interpersonal Mitzvot Video Project

Students are being tasked with diving deeper into one of the mitzvot we have studied in class. This is a fantastic opportunity to head down to the makerspace and use the green room for video recording.

Each group will create a video presentation that explains:

  1. The meaning/significance of the mitzvah (explain various interpretations)
    1. Where is it found within a Jewish context? (Torah? Mishnah?)
  2. How this mitzvah connects to your life/modern every-day life situations (applications)
  3. Your own interpretation on the value of this lesson (Why do you believe this is important?)

Remember that for each section, your group members may have different ideas. This is great! You can present more than one lesson/interpretation in these videos.


  • Research your mitzvah to uncover various interpretations and applications
  • Each person in your group must speak at least once
  • This video will also include a skit/visual representation of the lesson learned
  • Minimum of two minutes long (maximum eight minutes)


January 10

Grade 6 Luach Assignment (Calendar)

This week Grade 6 worked on their holiday assignment. Many of the students know about the Chagim (holidays) but are not aware where the laws, customs, and traditions are derived from. We introduced the Shulchan Aruch, Rambam, and other Talmudic type sources.

The students will be presenting their findings to the whole class.