October 18

8th Grade Weekly Roundup

Chag Sameach

Today the 8th grade oversaw the Sukkot Flash Mob.

At 10:30, with the signal of hearing on the PA system David Melech Yisrael, the students entered the primary school classes and brought them into the gym.

It was wonderful to see the whole school singing and dancing,celebrating Sukkot.

October 18

Grade 6 Weekly Round-Up

Chag Sameach! Sukkot is a time of joy and happiness. The 6th graders helped Morah Ruti and our Shinshim plan todays Sukkah Hop.   In class, the students competed against each other learning about Sukkot through an online Jeopardy Game. As much as possible we try to incorporate technology in a pedagogic appropriate fashion.

Moadim L’Simcha.

October 18

Grade 7 – Sukkot Jeopardy

This week we focused on the laws of  Sukkot. Two of our students, Talia L. and Sasha S. created a jeopardy game about Sukkot. On Thursday, the Talia and Sasha taught all of grade 7. The following is the description of the game by the students:

We made a jeopardy board for the holidays, and we are going to tell you how to make it. So first we took a bristol board and we wrote sukkot jeopardy at the top. Then we came up with questions to ask our classmates, we had to first add the questions on the bristol board in order. Then we took colored post-it notes and we put them on top of the answers, on the post-it notes we wrote how much each question cost (100, 200, 300, 400, 500) Then above all the questions we added the categories. Then we were done making it.


October 16

Grade 8: Journal Entry #4 Due: 10/24 (next Thursday)

I hope that everyone had the opportunity to eat a meal and spend some time in the sukkah. This week our friendship journal entry will focus on unlikely friendships that can develop. Students will be asked to read and respond to the following two articles posted below. 

Students have the option to type their journal entry, write their entry in a notebook, video record their response, or sketch note their thoughts.

Students that choose to write/type their journal entry need to include a minimum of two paragraphs. 

What you might include in this journal entry:

  • Your reaction to each story
  • Lessons you can take away
  • What surprised you?
  • Questions you still have
  • Have you ever developed an unlikely friendship?
  • What are the benefits from taking the time to understand the perspective of another?


Article 1:


Article 2:


October 16



Chag Sameach, if you can’t finish this in class, please turn it in by Friday.

  1. Why call Sukkot the picnic holiday?


  1. What 3 holidays does God mention to Moses?



  1. Who tells the people of Israel to live in “booths”?


  1. According to the video, name 3 things you should do in the Sukkah?



  1. What are the 4 species?


  1. How many directions do we shake the lulav?



  1. Where can you put a Sukka (give 3 examples)?


  1. Name at least 3 things Schach must provide?


  1. What Megillah do we read on Sukkot?


  1. Who wrote this Megillah?



  1. Give one example of what “All is Vanity” means.


  1. Fill in the blanks:

____________to be born, a ______________to die, ______________a _______________to break, and a ________________ to make, a time to____________ and a time to


  1. Name 3 ways you can be joyous in the Sukkah.
October 11

Grades 6-8: The Fun Has Just Begun With Our Shinshinim

Last week, the middle school students had the opportunity to participate in creative activities revolving around the chagim with our shinshinim. They used their directional skills to help guide their partner to the sweetness of Rosh Hashanah. The students also played a “headbands” activity that related to the customs and traditions of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot. We can’t wait to see what other activities the shinshinim have in store for us!




October 11

Grades 6-8: Sukkot Decorations

I hope everyone had a meaningful and easy fast. With Sukkot right around the corner, we will spend some time in class today creating decorations for our OJCS sukkah.

We will be competing amongst the middle school grades today to come up with the most creative decoration along with the longest paper chain!

Although we might not have all of the materials used in the activities below, feel free to choose an idea and adapt it. Check out these links for inspiration:






October 10

Grad 7 Weekly Round-Up

Chag Sameach and Good Yor ( a phrase we say to one another during and after Yom Kippur)

One of the focuses in Grade 7 is Israel. 3 times a week the students have to read a recent article about Israel and write a brief summary. During Sukkot we will be having class in the Succa and celebrating this joyous chag through fun educational appropriate activities (Sukkot Jeopardy).

After the Chagim we hope to start a cycle of learning. The students will be split into 3 groups. The topics will be Torah (5 books of Moses), Nevi’im (Prophets, Judges – Kings), and Ketuvim (Writings, the 5 Megilot).

October 10

Grade 6 Weekly Round-Up

Chag Sameach and Good Yor (a phrase we say after and during Yom Kippur)

This week we learned about the Jewish Laws of Yom Kippur. We also discussed upcoming projects. The students will be split into 4 groups based on interests. The groups are as follows: Parsha Play, Hiddur Mitzva (beautifying OJCS), Chagim and Tech, and Brachot.