November 9

November – A month to be thankful

November, Mar-Cheshvan – A month of Remembrance and the American Thanksgiving

The month of Cheshvan is known as Mar-Cheshvan (translates as either bitter or rainy ) which falls this year mostly in November. For much of Canada and the USA,  many schools, Governments, and organizations have a service to honor our veterans; a day of remembrance. In Israel, the month of November has 2  different days of remembrance. November 4 was the day our former Prime-Minister Yitzchak Rabin was murdered.  On November 9-10  we remember Kristallnacht -Night of the Broken Glass. This past week in class we discussed Kristallnacht.  Kristallnacht was just not another pogram attacking Jews. It was a period when the world became bystanders. 81 years later we still have antisemitism, and feelings of xenophobia throughout the world. What are we doing to combat this? How are we protecting our children today?

At the end of the month of November, Americans will be celebrating Thanksgiving  Families will sit around the table eating turkey, watching football, and taking a moment to discuss what they are thankful for.  Being thankful is my response to how we are protecting our Jewish future.

I am thankful that all of you – Parents, and Students attend Ottawa JEWISH Community Day School.

November 3

Grade 6

Torah Tech:

Once you finish the Chanukah Assignment, please start on Tu’Bshvat.

It is important to include the references from where you researched your information (for ex: תנך  שלחן ערוך  תלמוד)


Hidur Mitzvah:

Please make sure you add the Pasuk from the Torah into your presentation. By the end of the day tomorrow you all should be working on a physical plan to implement Hidur

Parshat Hashavua Play:

By Wednesday I must see the script for Parshat Lech – Lcha. Please make sure you share which עליות.פרקים you decided to focus on. If you are not sure, please speak with Griffin.



By Wednesday you must be able to present the 6 main brachot to the class. Once finish you need to work on the brachot we recite after we eat.   Make sure you share the Torah text.

October 29

Grade 6 Assignments

Don’t forget:

Torah Tech Project on Chanukkah Due Wednesday (must include at least 4 references)

Brachot Presentation Due Friday (Must include 4 references from the Torah)

Prasha Play Noah Due Wednesday (must include Torah references)

Parsha Play Lech L’cha Due on Friday (must include Torah references)

Hidur Mitvah (Presentation due Wednesday with references)

October 23

Grade 6 assignment

Parshat Hashavua

1.Parsha Play for Kitah K: MONDAYS 


1.At least 5 Hebrew verses from the Parshat Hashavua (I need to know which perek (chapter) and which pasuk (verse) you choose. The kids do not need to know.

2.You must incorporate at least 4 character from the parsha

  1. At least 2 lessons we can learn from this weeks Parsha


Creativity 25%

Torah Content: 25%

Presentation: 25%

Grammar/Structure: 25%

Torah Tech
see attachment
Hidur Mitzvah  see attachment
Parshat Hashavua
Please sign up for www.powtoon.com
or other creative websites.
October 18

Grade 6 Weekly Round-Up

Chag Sameach! Sukkot is a time of joy and happiness. The 6th graders helped Morah Ruti and our Shinshim plan todays Sukkah Hop.   In class, the students competed against each other learning about Sukkot through an online Jeopardy Game. As much as possible we try to incorporate technology in a pedagogic appropriate fashion.

Moadim L’Simcha.