September 13

The Mitzva of Mezuzah

This week the 7th graders learned about the Mezuzah. They asked each other questions about the laws of the Mezuzah. Do we put a Mezuzah in a boat, a storage room, etc… I explained to the students they were reenacting what the great Rabbinical Sages did in the year 200. The students went around the school to make sure all the appropriate location had Mezuzot. Next week, we will be looking in the text  (the Talmud, the Torah, and the Shulchan Aruch) to understand what are the laws of the Mezuzah. The students are starting to understand the Torah is a living document.

September 4



Daily Israeli Newspaper

One of the oldest Israeli Daily Newspapers

ISRAEL21c is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization and the publisher of an English-language online news magazine recognized as the single most diverse and reliable source of news and information about 21st century Israel.


Local video perspectives about Israel

Israel Daily TV

i24NEWS is the global news network bringing unfiltered, unbiased, global news from where it happens. With headquarters based in the Middle East, i24NEWS broadcasts worldwide from its studios in New York, Paris, Washington and Tel Aviv. In a single newsroom, over 250 journalists of 35 nationalities and faiths together, produce content (news, talk shows, news magazines) available on TV, web and mobile devices


September 4


Today we discussed the idea of why and who. How do we personally connect to being a Jew and Why?

Please click this link

Fill in your Hebrew Name,  and what time you were born (ask your parents).

For Friday, please turn in a Google Doc with the Hebrew date of when you were born and what happened on that day in History.

Extra Credit if you also get responses from other family members.

If you did not finish your in-class assignment on Israel please make sure you will be able to share it on Friday.