May 22

Grade 7: Jewnius Hour Project (Due: Monday 6/3)

This week students started working on their Jewnius Hour Project! The concept revolves around the fantastic idea of Genius Hour.

What is Jewnius Hour?

Jewnius Hour is an opportunity for students to explore their own passions and share their learning with the class. This project should involve research, creativity, and passion. The topic selection is completely up to you! The goal of this assignment is for you to choose an area of interest (that connects in some way to Judaism, Israel, Jewish values, etc.) and explore that topic. You will then create a presentation and an activity to share your findings with your peers. Please do not choose a subject that you are already an expert in! This project is designed to foster and support your own learning and growth regarding a topic of interest.


Due to the creative nature of this project, there are very few requirements that are set in stone.

  1. You must create a presentation (of some sort) and an interactive activity for your peers. The presentation should demonstrate what you learned throughout this process. Your peers should also leave your presentation learning something new!
  2. Time- Your presentation and activity (together) should last a minimum of 15 minutes. (The maximum time frame for one presentation/activity should be 45 minutes. Please see me if you are going to use an entire period)
  3. Review the rubric!
May 13

Grade 7: Jewish Studies Update

This week will we dive into a unit on Jewish History. Students worked in groups the past two classes analyzing and discussing various sets of Jewish values. Tomorrow students will share their findings with their peers in a class discussion. We are continuing to create connections between Jewish values and our everyday lives!


1. Rank the five most important values (most come to a group consensus…need to convince the other group members if there is a disagreement → compromise)

2. Create a group document where you:

  • Explain why you choose each value
  • Discuss the importance
  • Describe the way it can apply to your life
May 13

Grandparents’ Day –> Cities on Moon!

Today we celebrated Grandparents’ Day at the OJCS! Mr. Ray and myself planned an activity that focused on Israeli innovations. After watching Israeli Innovation (Start-Up Nation), we discussed some of the impressive inventions that have come out of the Holy Land. Students and grandparents were then given a mission to design the first city on the moon using the CoSpace program. Groups were asked to channel their Israeli innovative skills and explore their creative abilities.



April 2

Grade 7: Take A Look Through Our Lens

For the last few weeks our class, the Grade 7 students have been preparing for the TIPES Lego Challenge. This challenge occurred last Thursday which was a blast! We played with the students in our different lego challenges that we prepared. These challenges included: creating the tallest structures, strongest, most creative etc. It was really important for us to bond with the students at TIPES being that we all live in the same building! We were very proud as we facilitated an act of gemilut hasadim. We learned about the importance of treating others with respect and doing our part to create acts of loving kindness. The day turned out amazing and exciting. We are so excited for our next activity with them, which is next Thursday! We can’t wait for more interactions with TIPES in the future!

Written by Jessica Ages and Kiera Vered

Take a look at our amazing creations!

February 11

Grades 6-8: Jewish Studies 2/12 Shabbat Table Discussion

Today in Jewish Studies, we will look at various sources/ideas regarding peer pressure. This content connects to each course in its own way. I have highlighted the five questions that each group should complete on the attached document. 

In an effort to save time and promote discussion, I prefer that this activity be complete in groups of 3-4 students. You will only need to submit one answer sheet per group.


January 19

Grade 7: Task for Monday (Let’s Get Ready for Legomania)

The past week students have been preparing various Lego related challenges for our next Mitzvah Project activity with TIPES. Today students are being tasked with creating invitations for the TIPES students.

Task: Each student is responsible for creating a minimum of one invitation for a TIPES student. The invitations should be colorful, creative, and exciting. Our goal is to get the students excited for our next activity together.

  • Example of a way to start: Dear Lego Master,
    • Message should be encouraging (mention how much fun we had during our last activity)
    • Give brief explanation of Lego challenges
    • Draw pictures

Students may use materials from the closet (markers, colored pencils, crayons, etc.) to design their invitation.

January 17

It’s Important To Be Knowledgeable About A Topic Prior To Speaking

Yesterday the Shinshinim came to our classes to teach students in Grade 7 and 8 about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict narrative. Liam and Inbar emphasized the importance of understanding and learning all that you can about a topic before you try to explain it someone else. In the activity shown below, students were given a topic and then asked to speak about that topic for two minutes straight without stopping.

Upon completion of this activity students were shown a Crash Course History video about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

Crash Course History Link

Liam and Inbar did a fantastic job explaining a common misconception that the conflict revolves around religion. In reality, the conflict stems from a land dispute. The land in which Israel sits upon was promised to multiple parties by the British. The Shinshinim used various maps and graphics to show how the borders of Israel have changed depending on the year/moment in history. We look forward to our next session!

Pictures and links to video below