May 13

Grandparents’ Day –> Cities on Moon!

Today we celebrated Grandparents’ Day at the OJCS! Mr. Ray and myself planned an activity that focused on Israeli innovations. After watching Israeli Innovation (Start-Up Nation), we discussed some of the impressive inventions that have come out of the Holy Land. Students and grandparents were then given a mission to design the first city on the moon using the CoSpace program. Groups were asked to channel their Israeli innovative skills and explore their creative abilities.



April 16

Grade 6: Comforting a Mourner Assignment

The grade 6 class has almost finished their study of the Jewish Life Cycle. Students are being asked to read and respond to the following questions regarding comforting and supporting mourners within the community. This assignment needs to be completed be the end of the period tomorrow. You can either make a copy of the document below or answer the questions by hand.

Comforting a Mourning Assignment Link


April 8

Grade 6: Learning From The Best

Our class had the opportunity to listen and participate in three incredible presentations today. OJCS had three visitors from Israel, each with an interesting experience to share. We learned about how the Passover Haggadah Graphic Novel was created. Erez taught our class how to make 2-D drawings come to life. Students had the opportunity to create their own 3-D caricature versions of Pharaoh and Moses. The class also participated in a discussion about the stories of Passover with Rabbi Aaron. The Rabbi told three stories and provided students with an opportunity to create connections to their own lives. Lastly, Leah taught our class about how Israel has taken a stand to provide support for refugees.


February 11

Grades 6-8: Jewish Studies 2/12 Shabbat Table Discussion

Today in Jewish Studies, we will look at various sources/ideas regarding peer pressure. This content connects to each course in its own way. I have highlighted the five questions that each group should complete on the attached document. 

In an effort to save time and promote discussion, I prefer that this activity be complete in groups of 3-4 students. You will only need to submit one answer sheet per group.