May 22

Grade 8: Jewish History Final Exam Review

Exam Information: Students will have 30 minutes to answer three questions for the Jewish History portion of the exam. Each question will be a short answer. Remember that these three questions will ask you to explain/create a connection related to our major units of study. The Jewish History Exam will take place in the afternoon on Wednesday, June 12th. Students will be given an hour and a half to complete entire Judaics Exam. This exam will be divided into three parts (Hebrew, Jewish History, a text-based portion from Rabbi Finkelstein).

Major Units of Study: Anti-Semitism, The Holocaust, Israel

There will be a response question selected from each of these three units. Take time to look at this outline and go back through your notes.

May 13

Grade 8: Jewish Studies Update-Israel Here We Come

Last week we celebrated Yom Hazikaron and Yom Haatzmaut. The Shinshinim and students worked together to plan moving ceremonies for both holidays. We will continue with our Israel unit in class this week. We will be focusing on the development of Israel as a nation, conflicts, innovations, and Israeli culture.

Link to the Israel unit notes:  

May 13

Grandparents’ Day –> Cities on Moon!

Today we celebrated Grandparents’ Day at the OJCS! Mr. Ray and myself planned an activity that focused on Israeli innovations. After watching Israeli Innovation (Start-Up Nation), we discussed some of the impressive inventions that have come out of the Holy Land. Students and grandparents were then given a mission to design the first city on the moon using the CoSpace program. Groups were asked to channel their Israeli innovative skills and explore their creative abilities.



April 2

Grade 8: Current Event Due Thursday 4/4 + Holocaust Unit Test Wednesday 4/10

Yesterday we finished our Holocaust Unit. There will be a Holocaust Unit Test on Wednesday, April 10th. Students are being given a review document to aid in their preparation. The rest of the year we will focus on studying and understanding the differences between the various denominations of Judaism. We will also spend a significant period of time learning about the State of Israel and contemporary issues that Israelis face. Additionally, students are being asked to prepare a current event relating to Israel for this Thursday’s class.

Link to the notes:

March 13

Grade 8: Escape from Sobibor Assignment

This week we are shifting our focus in Jewish Studies to various resistance attempts that were made by both Jews and gentiles during the Holocaust. Students will be watching and analyzing the film, Escape from Sobibor. This film depicts the largest escape from an extermination camp during the Holocaust. For those students who are away please watch the film and answer the critical thinking questions. These questions can be answered after the film has completed.

Please skip the scene at 45:40. This scene contains graphic content and will be skipped in class as well.

February 11

Grades 6-8: Jewish Studies 2/12 Shabbat Table Discussion

Today in Jewish Studies, we will look at various sources/ideas regarding peer pressure. This content connects to each course in its own way. I have highlighted the five questions that each group should complete on the attached document. 

In an effort to save time and promote discussion, I prefer that this activity be complete in groups of 3-4 students. You will only need to submit one answer sheet per group.


January 30

Grade 8: Canada’s Former Determination to Keep Jews Out

This week we learned about the horrific narrative of the MS St. Louis. We watched an incredible documentary that provided our class with testimonies from historians and survivors who experienced this infamous event firsthand. Students are being asked to read and respond to the article attached below. Due to exams, this assignment will be completed in class (not for homework).