February 14

Grade 6 core Hebrew – Reading Week homework

Shalom grade 6,
Here is the homework you need to do for Reading Week – in case that you have not finished the following activity in class.
Enjoy listening to this song, which is about all the things children need to do…
Have a good vacation,

1. Listen to the Hebrew children’s song: הצריך הזה “This ‘needing-to'”.

2. Use the song lyrics on the next page to locate all the שמות פועל – names of verbs – in the song.
If needed, use the dictionary.

3. The song ends with the words:

ומרוב שהצטרכתי –
כבר שכחתי
מה אני רוצה.

And due to “needing to” so much –
I forgot
What do I want.

In one or two sentences, please answer: what is the song about?

October 4

First Current Event Assignment Due Friday

Good afternoon!

This year students will be responsible for researching, analyzing, and presenting a current event in our Jewish Studies course.

Directions: Find an article either in the newspaper or online from a newspaper source. Examples include: CBC News, USA Today,  CTV News, Associated Press, The New York Times, Ynetnews Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, Times of Israel,  etc., or any other reputable national or local source. Read the article and fill out the statements or answer the questions below.

 Please find and read about important issues that you will be able to relate to our course regarding Jewish Studies/Israel

 Because this is a current events assignment you are to choose an article that is no more than two weeks old from when the assignment is given.

Be prepared to discuss your article in class on the due date


September 26

Grade 8 Jewish Studies Homework Assignment Due Friday


Your task is to use the Gematria chart with each letter and its corresponding number to match the words from the word bank to their numeric value.

Homework-Upon identifying the correct words according to the Gematria students will complete the following task:


  • Research and define each word (do not simply translate the word in Google Translate)
  • Write a minimum of two sentences about each term. Expand upon the meaning of each term and its connection to the Jewish Holidays


September 26

Today Was Sukkah Fun Day!

Middle School students had the opportunity to come together and participate in a variety of activities in the Sukkah. We had a discussion regarding appreciation and helping those in need within our community. Rabbi Finkelstein taught students how to properly assemble the Arba Minim. Students each had a chance to shake the lulav and recite the brachot.

September 18

Middle School Judaic Studies Update: G’mar Chatimah Tovah

We have spent the first few weeks in Jewish Studies focusing on the High Holidays. Students had the opportunity to show off their Shofar blowing skills.

This past week we discussed the various customs associated with Yom Kippur. Students were then asked to read and answer questions from the attached document regarding the various steps to repentance.  Students have been asked to reflect upon this reading and answer the following question: How are you going to make Yom Kippur a more meaningful experience for yourself this year?

I hope everyone has a meaningful and easy fast.