August 21

Homework Expectations

For Morah Noga Core Hebrew Grade 6,7,8

•Does my child have homework?
–Occasionally unfinished class work may be sent
home, otherwise I do not give homework, except
preparing for a test.
•Will my child have a project?
–Projects will be guided by teacher providing clear  steps
to follow.

For Rabbi Howard Finkelstein
Students in grades 6-8 will be expected to prepare textual sources which I will provide in both Hebrew and English translation in advance of classes. Questions for homework will be assigned in order to prepare the student for class discussion. Parents are encouraged to work with their children in studying together the sources. We will be using primarily the following website, which covers the entire gamut of textual literature ranging from the Torah to Talmud and beyond. Students will be taught how to use Sefaria, and I will be posting the instructions how to use this site.