December 19

Writing, performing and acting a scene in class

In grade 6 Hebrew the class followed the study book texts and do the exercises and activities. I was looking for additional ways to enjoy and celebrate what we learned recently.

I offered the students to make up a scene with Hebrew dialogue where they will incorporate the new linguistic items they recently learned into a text which they will create and will base on the texts in our study book.

The students worked in groups, they choose characters similar to the ones in the story they have at their study book and added new characters to enrich the scene they created. They also added aspects and elements to the story and did it while using the new linguistic items that where recently learned in class.

After a few lessons of developing the text and practicing it, the students acted the scene using the dialogue they developed. They had fun writing, performing and acting.

The students found that working together creatively was a great way to make learning a meaningful fun activity, particularly when some of the students had limited experience talking and writing in Hebrew.

Hannukah Sameach,

Dr. Sagy

December 19

חֻפְשָׁה נְעִימָה וְחַג שָׂמֵחַ לְכָל הֲתַלְמִידִים שֶׁלִּי


חַג חֲנֻכָּה שָׂמֵחַ וְחֻפְשָׁה נְעִימָה לְכָל הַתַּלְמִידִים וּלְמִשְׁפְּחוֹתֵיהֶם. לְהִתְרָאוֹת  ב-2020

מורה רותי

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December 15

Grade 8 – Shavua (weekly) Round-up

After a semester of learning about the oral law. The students will celebrate this coming week, presenting their personal case studies. All of the students reached out to our community Rabbis and requested guidance and their personal view on their specific topic.


I can’t wait to share with the community Part II of the assignment!

Coming soon after Channukah Vacation.

December 12

Assignment from Bereshit Newspaper – Due date is Wednesday -Dec 18th

ילדים בבקשה לקרוא את הכתבה בעמוד 8 בעיתון בראשית: הנוער הישראלי רוצה לשרת בקרבי”

ולהשלים את העבודה

please read the article in page 8 ” Israeli Youth Wants to Serve in Combat” and complete the work related to the article (in the same page).  Please read the “Did you know”? part before completing the work.


December 11

Grade 8: WWI/Treaty of Versailles Graphic Organizer + Various Perspective Assignment

The Grade 8 class been studying and analyzing the effects of WWI and The Treaty Versailles in order to build a stronger historical knowledge base. The purpose of this activity is to synthesize their comprehension and analyze various perspectives regarding the Treaty of Versailles. Throughout these discussions and activities, the students will begin to understand the desperation that was felt in Germany following WWI. By the end of the week, students will begin to learn about the rise of dictators and how Adolf Hitler came to power.

December 9

Grade 8: Celebrating Chanukah with Prime Minister Trudeau and Other Political Leaders

Earlier this evening, the students in Grade 8 had the opportunity to celebrate Chanukah with Prime Minster Justin Trudeau and other political party leaders. The students gathered with Members of Parliament and community leaders to light the menorah and take part in an early Chanukah celebration. Although we did not sing the blessings (due to Chanukah officially starting in two weeks), the menorah was symbolically lit. The political leaders spoke out against antisemitic events that have taken place throughout various university campuses nationwide. Students were able to engage with government officials, enjoy sufganiyot, and commemorate Chanukah with their peers.


Check out these pictures below: