April 8

Grade 6: Learning From The Best

Our class had the opportunity to listen and participate in three incredible presentations today. OJCS had three visitors from Israel, each with an interesting experience to share. We learned about how the Passover Haggadah Graphic Novel was created. Erez taught our class how to make 2-D drawings come to life. Students had the opportunity to create their own 3-D caricature versions of Pharaoh and Moses. The class also participated in a discussion about the stories of Passover with Rabbi Aaron. The Rabbi told three stories and provided students with an opportunity to create connections to their own lives. Lastly, Leah taught our class about how Israel has taken a stand to provide support for refugees.


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2 thoughts on “Grade 6: Learning From The Best

  1. Jon Mitzmacher

    How great it is that we have this opportunity learn from visiting artists and scholars from Israel! Do we every maintain communication with them after they come? Do we exchange social media contacts to see what they might be up to? It would be great to hear from our students how they see this program evolving in the future…

  2. mwasherstein (Post author)

    Jordana- The speakers provided us with an opportunity to relax while still learning valuable information. Listening to the Rabbi’s stories provided us with an interesting new perspective on Passover and our participation in the holiday.

    Ava- We learned how to draw 3-D pictures. This activity was really cool! I also enjoyed learning about how Israel is a worldwide leader in helping to solve the refugee crisis.

    Brandon- We learned that you should never get drunk before the night of Passover. You should enjoy Passover and appreciate the seder.

    Jenny- I enjoyed learning about how Israel is welcoming refugees from different countries. It is important to recognize Israel for providing refugees with homes and education.

    Half of our class followed the artist @erezadok on Instagram. I also ordered the Passover Haggadah Graphic Novel for our class.

    In the future the grade six class would like to have more Israeli cultural items incorporated into our programming. There was a suggestion to cook Israeli food items with someone from Israel.


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