October 16



Chag Sameach, if you can’t finish this in class, please turn it in by Friday.

  1. Why call Sukkot the picnic holiday?


  1. What 3 holidays does God mention to Moses?



  1. Who tells the people of Israel to live in “booths”?


  1. According to the video, name 3 things you should do in the Sukkah?



  1. What are the 4 species?


  1. How many directions do we shake the lulav?



  1. Where can you put a Sukka (give 3 examples)?


  1. Name at least 3 things Schach must provide?


  1. What Megillah do we read on Sukkot?


  1. Who wrote this Megillah?



  1. Give one example of what “All is Vanity” means.


  1. Fill in the blanks:

____________to be born, a ______________to die, ______________a _______________to break, and a ________________ to make, a time to____________ and a time to


  1. Name 3 ways you can be joyous in the Sukkah.

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