October 16

Grade 8: Journal Entry #4 Due: 10/24 (next Thursday)

I hope that everyone had the opportunity to eat a meal and spend some time in the sukkah. This week our friendship journal entry will focus on unlikely friendships that can develop. Students will be asked to read and respond to the following two articles posted below. 

Students have the option to type their journal entry, write their entry in a notebook, video record their response, or sketch note their thoughts.

Students that choose to write/type their journal entry need to include a minimum of two paragraphs. 

What you might include in this journal entry:

  • Your reaction to each story
  • Lessons you can take away
  • What surprised you?
  • Questions you still have
  • Have you ever developed an unlikely friendship?
  • What are the benefits from taking the time to understand the perspective of another?


Article 1:


Article 2:


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