November 6

Grade 7: The Mitzvah Project Continues!

The Grade 7 Jewish Studies curriculum focuses on interpersonal mitzvot and the analysis of Jewish values. Last year, the Grade 7 class began a mitzvah project initiative. They  wanted to build a stronger relationship with students from TIPES (Thinking In Pictures Educational Services). The students recognized an opportunity to bridge a gap between two school communities that operated so closely together. The students invited members of the Edelweiss program within TIPES to join our class for incredible activities such as: a scavenger hunt, lego challenge, carnival, and team sports. This mutually beneficial program allowed the students to feel the effects of gemilut hasadim (acts of loving kindness) first hand.


This year’s Grade 7 class will be continuing the initiative with TIPES! Students are working in groups to design, plan, and organize their own respective activities for our friends at TIPES. Group members will work together to plan an activity (or series of activities) that lasts roughly 45 minutes.

  • Group 1- Sarah N., Brandon, Sasha
  • Group 2- Talia, Jordana, Jenny, Noam
  • Group 3- Jordan, Jacob, Maayan, Sarah K.
  • Group 4- Abby, Ruben, Yamaya

Each group has been asked to brainstorm and choose an activity to prototype. After they have come to a consensus, the group must submit the following:

    • Written instructions for peers/students
    • List of materials
      • Who/how are we getting the materials
    • Pictures/examples

Once this plan has been submitted to Mr. Washerstein, the group will move forward in creating their activity.

Additionally, the class has decided that they would like to volunteer at the Ottawa Food Bank. The students identified helping those who are in need within our local community as an important mitzvah.

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