November 9

November – A month to be thankful

November, Mar-Cheshvan – A month of Remembrance and the American Thanksgiving

The month of Cheshvan is known as Mar-Cheshvan (translates as either bitter or rainy ) which falls this year mostly in November. For much of Canada and the USA,  many schools, Governments, and organizations have a service to honor our veterans; a day of remembrance. In Israel, the month of November has 2  different days of remembrance. November 4 was the day our former Prime-Minister Yitzchak Rabin was murdered.  On November 9-10  we remember Kristallnacht -Night of the Broken Glass. This past week in class we discussed Kristallnacht.  Kristallnacht was just not another pogram attacking Jews. It was a period when the world became bystanders. 81 years later we still have antisemitism, and feelings of xenophobia throughout the world. What are we doing to combat this? How are we protecting our children today?

At the end of the month of November, Americans will be celebrating Thanksgiving  Families will sit around the table eating turkey, watching football, and taking a moment to discuss what they are thankful for.  Being thankful is my response to how we are protecting our Jewish future.

I am thankful that all of you – Parents, and Students attend Ottawa JEWISH Community Day School.

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