March 3

Grade 8: Reflect Upon a Survivor’s Story (Due: Friday 3/13)

Today students will read and reflect upon the story of a Holocaust Survivor. The website  Holocaust Survivor Stories provides students with various personal narratives of survivors.

Directions: Students will choose a survivor’s narrative to read. After reading their story, students will answer the following reflection questions. Answer the questions in complete sentences.

  1. What feelings did this narrative elicit? (Explain the thoughts or emotions you felt while reading this story)
  2. Could you connect any of the experiences you read about to your own life? Did you feel any connection to the narrator?
  3. What lessons can you learn from this narrative?
  4. How could you use this story to educate others?
  5. What part of the story did you find most intriguing? Why?

*Students are encouraged to read multiple stories in order to determine which narrative speaks to them personally*

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