March 23

Corona Virus and Jewish Law

Today we will read a few articles about Corona Virus and how it affects Jewish Ritual. 

When finished, please comment on 3 of the articles.  Do you agree or disagree with the Rabbinical Decisions and Why.

Orthodox Tel Aviv synagogue begins virtual online prayer services – The Jerusalem Post

Chief Rabbi_ Leave phones on during Shabbat – The Jerusalem Post

Coronavirus shuts Haredi world down despite resistance – The Forward

Ultra-Orthodox in Israel ignoring social distancing_ ‘We’re not scared’ – The Jerusalem Post

Litzman told all ultra-Orthodox schools, yeshivas to close down – The Jerusalem Post

Coronavirus shutters 770 Eastern Parkway, HQ of Chabad, for first time ever _ The Times of Israel

With communal mourning a health hazard, grieving Jews must sit shiva alone _ The Times of Israel

Netanyahu tells Israelis_ Now it’s an order — you must stay at home _ The Times of Israel

UK Jews worried dead may be cremated due to coronavirus pandemic – The Jerusalem Post

leap year

Taanit Dibur

Charedi and CoronaBurial society gears up for COVID-19 funerals, as health officials lay out rules _ The Times of Israel



If you finish before class is over please complete online Pesach Scavenger Hunt. (See blog)



 Write your responses in a Google Doc and upload to your personal folder. Due: Tuesday, March 31 before class. (If you forgot how to upload your doc, please email it to  

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