March 24

Grade 6: Ask Your Family

Today we talked about a few different marital traditions within Judaism. We discussed the following:

  • The chatan and kallah not seeing each other week before the wedding
  • Fasting on the wedding day
  • Separation of men and women prior to the wedding ceremony
    • Chatan’s Tish
    • Kabbalat Panim

As we discussed, couples often choose to incorporate all, some, or a mix of these traditions into their own Jewish wedding. Every wedding is unique! The students were asking a variety of great questions.


Homework-Prepare for our class discussion tomorrow

Ask your parents the following questions:

  1. What traditions did they incorporate into their wedding?
  2. Did they have a chatan’s tish or kabbalat panim ceremony?
  3. What was unique about their wedding?

Jot down a few notes as they speak and be ready to share!


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