March 29

Grade 6: Who Says We Can’t Learn About Passover Virtually?

As Passover approaches, we will spend the week in Jewish Studies focusing on the modern meaning of the Haggadah. Students will be creating their own 2020 Virtual Haggadah. Students will work in groups to design their own Haggadah. Additionally, students will be choosing one Passover song to rewrite with a modern twist. You will have the opportunity to work on this assignment Dr. Marcovitz and Mr. Washerstein’s Jewish Studies classes. 

Click here to find out more information about this assignment: Virtual Haggadah + Modern Passover Tune Assignment Details

Click here to learn more about each component of the Passover Seder: Stages of the Passover Seder

  • This document will be incredibly useful as students read, analyze, and develop their own virtual Haggadah.


Due date: Your Virtual Haggadah+ Modern Passover Tune must be submitted by the end of class on Friday, April 3rd. Please share your Haggadah with Dr. Marcovitz and Mr. Washerstein via Google Doc. 


Part 1- Creating a Virtual Haggadah

  • Students will dive into the various components of the Passover Seder and provide a new modern meaning.
  • Stages of the Seder Explanation (Click here to learn more about each part of the Passover Seder from Kadesh to Nirtzah)  


Part 2- Creating a Modern Passover Tune 

  • Please note that this portion of the project is not required. Groups that finish early and would like an additional challenge can choose to rewrite one of the classic passover songs. 



Group 1: Audrey, Maytal, Matthew, Daniel, Sophie

Group 2: Elisha, Meirav, Yaakov, Leo, Griffin, Ava

Group 3: Samara, Maya, Yardayna, David, Becca


Check out this video to get into the musical spirit!




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