March 29

Grade 8: Let My Students Go…To Class!

As we approach Pesach, we will spend the week in Jewish Studies focusing on the modern meaning of the Haggadah. Students have been put into groups and asked to create new lyrics to three classic Passover songs. You will have the opportunity to work on this assignment Dr. Marcovitz and Mr. Washerstein’s Jewish Studies classes. 

Click here to find out more about this assignment: Modernize that Passover Tune Assignment Details



Step 1: Read the English translation of your song

Step 2: Think about how you can change the words/add content that relates to 2020

Step 3: Rewrite your song 



  • Max, Ari, Lior (Dayenu)
  • Jessie, Zoe, Aidan (Echad Mi Yodea)
  • Talia, Jayson, Kiera (Chad Gad Yah)

Due date: Each song must be submitted by the end of class on Friday, April 3rd. Please share your lyrics with Dr. Marcovitz and Mr. Washerstein via Google Doc. 


Check out the videos below to get in the musical spirit!



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