April 20

Impacting Holocaust Survivors


Especially now, we can make an impact with  Survivors.  If you feel comfortable please read all 6  Holocaust Survivor (see attachments below) bios.  If you have time it would be wonderful if you are able to write a personal letter to each one of them.  I understand you many cut and paste a part of your letter but after reading the different biographies, I hope you will comment on their personal stories. (Suggestions:  talk about your family, what you did over Pesach, hobbies, share what life is like at home, and please ASK them questions as well as Advice). Please use one google doc for all 6 survivors.

If you do not feel comfortable, please write to different letters to the residents of the Lodge.

The idea of this assignment is our North Star – being responsible for one another.

Due end of class Friday,  April 24. When you finish writing the letters, please watch some of the episodes of the Anne Frank Diaries Online:  Do you feel any connection after watching some of the videos?  (Since the subject is the Holocaust, if you do not feel comfortable watching an Anne Frank Video, please write a journal entry, how you felt during Pesach vacation).

Vera Schiff bio

Rose Lipszyc bio

Gershon Willinger bio

Eva Meisels bio

Elly Gotz bio

Edith Gelbard bio

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1 thoughts on “Impacting Holocaust Survivors

  1. Sarah

    I watched the first episode and it started out nicely. She was having a good time and playing. Then it started. She was having to wear the Star Of David everywhere she want and she wasn’t allowed to go some places. Lastly she had to say goodbye to her cat and they went to hide somewhere.


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