May 12

Final Project

Each student will choose one of the following topics:

  1. Story of Israeli Ethiopian Soldier
  2. Women of Israel
  3. The secret religion of the Druze  (Israel)
  4. Technology – Startup Israel
  5. The Kibbutz
  6. Military – Unconventional War Strategies of Israel and Special Ops
  7. Food and Israel  (you can incorporate the Hummus Movie)
  8. Music and Israel (Techno, etc.)
  9. Russian and Ethiopian Jewry – coming to Israel
  10. The Hatikvah
  11. Sustainable Nation –  How Israel is dealing with the environmental crisis

Presentation/Report Options:

  1. 3 page report including examples, and sources
  2. 5 minute oral or recorded presentation
  3. Open to other options

Due Sunday, May 24, 2020, Presentations begin Tuesday, May 26



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