June 4

Mah Chadash? מה חדש

Shalom Grade 6!

Our final project will be, “In the News.”

Either by yourself or with a partner you will create a video broadcast of what you feel is newsworthy.  A normal broadcast consists of 1. Local (Ottawa),2. National (Canada),3. Global News, 4.Politics, 5.Israel (Middle East), 6.Trump, 7.COVID 19, 8.Sports (if any), 9.Style, 10. Entertainment, 11.Travel, 12.Health, and 13.Opinion


Create a 3-7 minute News Video Broadcast. You must have a minimum of  8 different categories. Three of the categories must include North Stars, Israel and Judaism.

Either you can come up with your own stories or discuss real stories from the different News outlets.

Example News Websites: Cbc.ca, cnn.com, foxnews.com, timesofisrael.com, jpost.com

Presentations will begin Monday, June 15, 2020.

If you need more time or have any questions, please be in touch.

I look forward to all of your presentations.


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