June 9

Grade 6: Jewish Studies Life Cycle Video Project (Due: Friday, June 19th, 2020)

Today we will be wrapping up our notes/discussion revolving around how to mourn the loss of a loved one, as a part of our Jewish life cycle. The students will spend the next week and half creating an educational video project.

Assignment: Students are being tasked with diving deeper into a specific portion of the Jewish Life Cycle. The majority of these topics were studied/discussed in class at great length. The goal of this project is to demonstrate understanding, conduct further research, and exhibit creativity by creating an informational video that relates to a topic within the Jewish life cycle.    

Content: What information do I need to include?

  1.   The major concepts behind their Jewish life cycle topic (explain key information)
  2.   How this life cycle event connects to your life (family)/modern every-day life situations
  3.   Could be interesting to ask your parents about any personal traditions/experiences that might relate
  4. You could also reach out to a rabbi/other members of the Jewish community to learn more about traditions, customs, and information pertaining to your life cycle event in Ottawa 
  5.   Your own interpretation on the value of this moment/event within the Jewish life cycle (Why do you believe this is important?)


Video Requirements:

  • This video will also include a skit that relates to the life cycle event
  • You can also include pictures and provide explanations of these images
  • Minimum of two minutes long (maximum ten minutes)
  • Be sure to cite your sources if you use web documents


Jewish Life Cycle Topics (Choose One):

  1. Baby Naming
  2. Brit Milah 
  3. Pidyon Ha-Ben
  4. Shalom Zachar
  5. Bar Mitzvah
  6. Bat Mitzvah
  7. Marriage
  8. Divorce
  9. Death (Funeral)
  10. Stages of Mourning (Shiva/Shloshim)
  11. Kashrut


Due: Friday, June 19th, 2020

Click here to access: Jewish Life Cycle Project Instructions

Click here to access: My Jewish Life Cycle Planner (Graphic Organizer)

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