June 24

Lehitraot my beloved grade 8 class

The year has come to an end and like every year, it is always hard to say goodbye.  It is especially hard to say goodbye after teaching an amazing group of students for so many years. In Hebrew we say “Lehitraot ve Lehishtamea” which means “we will see each other and hear from you” , I hope that this is a Lehitraot and Lehishtamea and that you will keep in touch and come visit us.

I am adding a list of excellent resources for you so you can continue to keep your  Hebrew skills fresh in the future. 

 חדשון בעברית קלה – חדשון בעברית קלה      (Newspaper In Hebrew for Newcomers to Israel)

https://www.rlive.co.il/station/103fm       (Radio 103FM broadcasts engaging discussions on topical issues, entertainment and satire programs)

הלו פנינה                (Series of videos that deal with the art of discourse and speech activities                   in Hebrew).

עברית מפה לאוזן            (Great Audio classes in Hebrew in different topics)

Cactus – Hebrew Ulpan         (Hebrew Ulpan) 

Be well dear students and good luck in all that you do!

Morah Ruthie

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