March 25

Procrastination and Parables (Lookstein update)

Dear OJCS Families,

In the last few weeks we have had a great time becoming acquainted with the wisdom contained in Pirkei Avot-Ethics of the Fathers. In our class we have been exploring how the sages of the Mishna related to age-old problems such as how to build a strong and positive community or how to be efficient with time management.

In a week when we are busy preparing for Pesach it has served as a timely reminder on how to prioritise our time. The last thing we explored was how the Mishna uses parables to teach important lessons. This too resonates with Pesach when during the Seder we will tell the story of the Children of Israel’s bid for freedom.

Wishing us all a Pesach of meaningful narratives,

Mr. Lipman

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