November 19

Great Hebrew resources for reading comprehension for my Middle School students

Talmidim Yekarim,

The following list of resources in Ivrit are to help you advance and improve in Hebrew reading, reading comprehension, grammar and writing. Hope you find them useful and please don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it.

Grade 6:   Negba 2, Negba 3

Grade 7:  Negba , Duolingo , אצטבא

Grade 8: חוברת הכנה למבחן סוף השנה

Morah Rutie



April 19

The Sea of Galilee and Tibirias –

After conducting a research about the Kineret and T’veria, my Ivrit students of grade 7 class  created a brochure with information about this beautiful area in Israel. Sarah, Yamaya and Ma’ayan are inviting you to read their projects:

Sarah K.: