October 24

מצגת מצוינת שמסבירה את חלקי הדיבור בעברית Powerpoint for the Hebrew Parts of Speech

מצגת לחלקי דיבור

אני מעודדת את תלמידי בכיתות ו’ עד ח’ לצפות במצגת הזאת פעם בשבוע. אני אשמח אם תשאלו שאלות הבהרה או תעודדו דיון כיתתי בנושא חלקי הדיבור


This great Powerpoint presentation about the Hebrew parts of speech contains some of the material that we are covering in Hebrew. I encourage my students from grades 6 to 8 to review this once a week. Students are welcomed to ask questions or to discuss the material in class.

June 25

Just before we pack up for the summer vacation…..

Here is a list of resources in Hebrew for extra review during the summer. Most of the resources are divided into different levels.  You can choose the level that fits you.

1)Worksheets –  – Level one- 


2) Reading comprehension (different levels)


 3) videos in Hebrew “Hebrew in 3 minutes”


4) Duolingo


5) Kofiko


6) Negba: Reading + reading comprehension


7) Ideas for Written expression


8) Different Hebrew activities for language skills – many levels


9) News from Israel in Hebrew 


Have a great summer holiday!

Morah Ruthie

December 14

New Project for grade 7

I am happy to announce the launch of the new project in my Grade 7 Hebrew class. The project is called “Haifa’s pollution – is there a solution?.

Haifa’s crude oil refineries have led to increases in reported cancer cases each year in the city. Students have been asked to research the history of the refinery towers and the reasons why they were built. Through a “project-based learning” approach, students will conduct research about the air pollution in the Haifa Bay. They will investigate  the source of the high air pollution and the high morbidity rate. They will interview people who live in that area, speak with environmentalists and will try to come up with solutions to solve the problem!

As parents in Grade 7 know, this project was launched last Saturday night in my house, while sitting around the dinner table and discussing the situation. The children watched a PowerPoint presentation showing the consequences of the air pollution for Haifa’s Bay residents. On Thursday, our class visited the library for a mini-workshop on research skills from Brigitte Ruel, our school’s librarian. It is great to see the class so involved and enthusiastic about  the new project!

Ms. Ruel provided a list of “safe sites” for the students to begin their research.  I am happy to provide it below for anyone who may be interested:

Haifa Links






Canadian Pollution and Cancer Rates