October 19

Homework for tomorrow

Hello Hebrew Aleph students,

If you didn’t finish  your work in class please finish it at home:

prepare a slideshow  ( in each page: word + picture + sentence) with the new vocabulary that we studied today:

מְנַהֵל חָכָם מְסַפֵּר מַכִּיר
זְהִירוּת נָסַע רַעֲיוֹן עָשִׁיר
לְדַבֵּר אֲבָל זְהִירִים לְדַעְתִּי
September 27

My Album

Dear grade 6 Hebrew Hebrew Bet,

As part of our unit  we will spend next few classes on the project “My Album”.

The due date for the project is October 8, most of the project we will do in class.

You can use these slides for the project but you are welcome to make your own slides.


Morah Marina