April 1


Today, our final class before Pesach break, we will discuss acts of kindness and how we can make this Pesach meaningful. Additionally, we will create a day to day calendar for family activities during Pesach.


We will also create a new song using the verses from Echad Mi Yodeah.  Either a song about kindness or OJCS.  Lyrics click here

March 29

Grade 7: Pirkei Avot + Learning about the Haggadah= A Great Week of Jewish Studies

As Passover approaches, we will spend the week in Jewish Studies focusing on the modern meaning of the Haggadah. Students will be creating their own 2020 Virtual Haggadah. Students will work in groups to design their own Haggadah. You will have the opportunity to work on this assignment Dr. Marcovitz and Mr. Washerstein’s Jewish Studies classes. For those groups that finish early, there is an optional extended learning opportunity. Reminder the Pirkei Avot Playlist Assignment will still be due on Friday, April 3rd, 2020. 


Click here to find out more information about this assignment: Virtual Haggadah Assignment Details

Click here to learn more about each component of the Passover Seder: Stages of the Passover Seder

  • This document will be incredibly useful as students read, analyze, and develop their own virtual Haggadah.


Due Date: Your Virtual Haggadah must be submitted by the end of class on Friday, April 3rd. Please share your Haggadah with Dr. Marcovitz and Mr. Washerstein via Google Doc. 


Part 1- Creating a Virtual Haggadah (Required)

  • Students will dive into the various components of the Passover Seder and provide a new modern meaning.
  • Stages of the Seder Explanation (Click here to learn more about each part of the Passover Seder from Kadesh to Nirtzah)  


Part 2- Creating a Modern Passover Tune (extended learning opportunity)

  • Please note that this portion of the project is not required. Groups that finish early and would like an additional challenge can choose to rewrite one of the classic passover songs. 



Group 1: Maayan, Jenny, Noam, Ruben, Talia

Group 2: Yamaya, Abby, Brandon, Sarah K., Jordana

Group 3: Jacob, Jordan, Sarah N., Sasha


Check out this video to get into the musical spirit!

March 24

Chief Rabbi of Israel Calls for a (half fast) today or a fast

 Israel’s Chief Rabbi calls for public fast day amid coronavirus outbreak


I hope you all having a meaning full day. As you see in the headline above, the Chief Rabbi of Israel is requesting everyone to fast for a half a day today in Israel and the world.  He said if you can not fast:

“For those who can’t fast, Lau asked that they take on a “ta’anit dibur,” a practice in which one abstains from all speech that does not concern Torah or prayer.”

 Today in class, I want to also have all of us participate with our homeland Israel. This is also one of our North Stars, “Being responsible for one another”. I think it is important we focus on the value of Gemilut Chasadim – Being Kind to one another. Please watch the following 3 short videos. They all focus on kindness. After watching each video please answer the following questions: (you can send me an audio file or a google doc with your responses). This assignment is due by the end of class on Friday, March 27, 2020. If you need more time, please be in touch with me.

After video 1: What visually impacted you and why?

After video 2: Orly shares a story about a student who was a bully?  What did Orly do? Please share an example in your life of someone showing you a similar type of kindness.

After video 3: What realistic idea can you come up with, to make the world a better place – Tikun Olam?

The first video was produced by Life Vest Inside. Life Vest Inside is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring, empowering and educating people of all backgrounds to lead a life of kindness.


March 23

Corana Virus and Jewish Law

Today we will read a few articles about Corona Virus and how it affects Jewish Ritual. 

When finished, please comment on 3 of the articles.  Do you agree or disagree with the Rabbinical Decisions and Why.

Orthodox Tel Aviv synagogue begins virtual online prayer services – The Jerusalem Post

Chief Rabbi_ Leave phones on during Shabbat – The Jerusalem Post

Coronavirus shuts Haredi world down despite resistance – The Forward

Ultra-Orthodox in Israel ignoring social distancing_ ‘We’re not scared’ – The Jerusalem Post

Litzman told all ultra-Orthodox schools, yeshivas to close down – The Jerusalem Post

Coronavirus shutters 770 Eastern Parkway, HQ of Chabad, for first time ever _ The Times of Israel

With communal mourning a health hazard, grieving Jews must sit shiva alone _ The Times of Israel

Netanyahu tells Israelis_ Now it’s an order — you must stay at home _ The Times of Israel

d dead may be cremated due to coronavirus pandemic – The Jerusalem Post

leap year

Taanit Dibur

Charedi and CoronaBurial society gears up for COVID-19 funerals, as health officials lay out rules _ The Times of Israel

If you finish before class is over please complete online Pesach Scavenger Hunt. (See blog)



 Write your responses in a Google Doc and upload to your personal folder. Due: Wednesday, April 1 before class. (If you forgot how to upload your doc, please email it to a.marcovitz@theojcs.ca)  


March 18


PESACH SCAVENGER HUNT: Today we will begin learning about Pesach. Please answer the following questions. If you do not know one of the answers, you are allowed to search the internet to find the appropriate response. MAKE SURE YOU COPY AND PASTE THE LINK WHERE YOU FOUND THE ANSWER.
For example:
1. How many cups of wine do we drink at the seder? 4 https://www.chabad.org/holidays/passover/pesach_cdo/aid/658549/jewish/Why-four-cups-of-wine.htm

The following are suggested sites which may help


1.The five foods on the Seder plate are:
2. What do the 5 foods symbolize?
3.What is the festive meal called on Passover?
4. List the order and a brief description of the seder (15)
5. What is the dessert called on Pesach?
6. List the 4 questions of the Mah Nishtana
7.What Megliah do we read on Pesach?
8. How many Seders do we have in Canada and in Israel?
9. What is Shemurah Matzah?
10. List the 10 Plagues
11. Name the 4 sons
12.How many cups of grape juice do we drink and what do they symbolize?
13. What do the 3 Matzot represent?
14. What language is Ha Lachma Anya written in הא לחמא עניא?
15. Who is the fifth cup for?
16. Why do we have a Seder?
17. Why do we eat Matzah?
18. What is Korban Pesach?
19. Why do we recline
20. What are the other names for Pesach (3 names)?
21. What are Matza balls made of?
22. What is your favorite part of the Pesach Seder?
23. What is the name of the book we use at the Seder?
24. Who is supposed to recite the Mah Nishtana and why?
25. In which Sefer (5 books of Moshe) is the Pesach story located?
26. What is the special “counting” we do starting the second night of Pesach?
27. What do you put on your fried Matzah?
28. Explain Bedikat Chametz?
29. What is Mechirat Chametz?
30. What is Biur Chametz?
31. When is Biur Chametz?
32. What is Maot Chitim?
33. Why is Maot Chitim important?
34. What is the fast called erev Pesach?
35. Who is supposed to fast?
36. Why is there a fast?
37. What is your favorite Matza dish?
38. At what point of the Seder do we search for the afikomen?
39. What is the Jewish Calendar date of Pesach?
40. What are the middle days of Pesach called?
41. Why do some people have a pillow on their chair?
42. Are there any customs you do on Pesach which can you share?
43. Some individuals wear a kittel during a seder. What is a kittel and why do some individuals where it?
44. What is Chametz?
45. What is the reason we don’t eat chametz?
46. What is the name of the Tfilah we add during the Amidah (Shemoneh Esrei)?
47. Every day during Pesach we add a group of prayers called Hallel, why?
48. What is Bitul Chametz?
49. How many verses are in the song Echad Mi Yodeah?
50. What is the song Chad Gadya about?

March 8

Grade 7 – Purim Week


1.What is the special Shabbat Parsha Name during Rosh Chodesh Adar?
2. What is the special Parsha Name the week before Purim?
3. Why and what is the name of the enemy of Israel after they left Egypt?
4. What is the fast day called?
5. Why?
6. What is the Hebrew Date of the fast day?
7. What is the Hebrew Date of Purim?
8. What is Shushan Purim?
9. What is the Hebrew date of Shushan Purim?
10. Who celebrates Shushan Purim today?
11. How many times do we listen to the Megilah?
12. Who is obligated to hear the Megilah?
13. Name the 4 Mitzvot of Megilah, explain what they are and where can these Mitzvot be found – what Jewish text (multiple answers accepted)?
14. Name the King, the first queen he was married to , the second queen he was married to, the villain and the name of the second queen’s cousin?
15. The end of the Megilah we recite ליהודים היתה אורה שמחה ששון ויקר, when else do we say this line?
16. What is the name of the extra Tefilah we add on Purim and during which Tefilot; do we read anything else on Purim besides the Megilah and if yes, what is the subject about?
17. Is God’s name mentioned in the Megilah, and based on your answer, what lesson can we learn?
18. What was Esther’s original name?
19. Which came first,Chanukah or Purim?
20. During the month of Adar, how should we feel?
21. What do you think the connection is between Purim and Yom Kippur?


February 28

Grade 7 Roundup

This week we finished our character trait and its relationship to the Tanach. Sarah presented an interesting aspect – were all the character traits positive regarding our Jewish ancestors? She mentioned how Jacob did not tell the truth to his father Isaac and he favored Joseph.  We discussed that everyone is human and we all also have faults.