April 8

Grades 6-8: Yom HaShoah Across Canada

For the second year, the Neuberger is proud to partner with Jewish communities, Holocaust Institutions, and Federations across Canada to commemorate Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. As a nation, we will once again come together virtually, to honour the victims of the Shoah and pay tribute to Canada’s diverse community of Holocaust survivors. The program will include special guests from the east to the west, poignant readings, and survivor testimony, providing us with continued strength as Canadians during these unprecedented times.

The live program will be available for viewing on Thursday, April 8th at 7PM

Click here to access the live link: https://www.holocaustcentre.com/yom-hashoah-2021-live

April 8

Grades 6-8: Yom HaShoah Virtual Assembly

Today is Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day). Today we remember the 6,000,000 Jews who lost their lives at the hands of the Nazi regime.
Here is the video presentation of our Yom HaShoah virtual assembly:
The Grade 8 class has set up a museum-like experience in the chapel. Classes visited the chapel to learn more about the Holocaust. The exhibit included: QR code survivor testimonies, a timeline of events, quotes, information about what life was like for children during the Holocaust, and a poetry/writing prompt station.
March 17

Grades 6-8: 2021 Yom HaShoah Cross-Canada Commemoration

Yom HaShoah will be commemorated on April 8th, 2021. Students and families are invited to access a nationwide virtual commemoration program on this date. If you are interested in participating in this event, please click this link to register. 

OJCS students have been invited to participate in a program that provides students with an opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas about the significance of learning about the Holocaust.

Students will write/create videos respond to the following prompt:

“Why learn about the Holocaust?”

We will submit their responses which will be included in the nationwide commemoration.

March 1

Grades 6-8: OJCS Annual Rabbi Simes Z”l Yom Iyun

We are very excited to invite a panel of rabbis from our local Jewish community to participate in our OJCS Annual Rabbi Simes Z”l Yom Iyun (Day of Learning). Students brainstormed a list of interesting topics that they would enjoy learning about. The rabbis have each selected a topic and will be providing the students with an opportunity to learn together.

Click the link below to access the schedule/Google Meet links for each session:
OJCS Annual Yom Iyun Schedule
February 28

Grade 7: Pirkei Avot

This week the students have been diving into the first chapter of Pirkei Avot. We looked through the first five verses of chapter one together. We reviewed the benefits of annotating the text as we read. Additionally, students were encouraged to read and analyze both the Hebrew and English text. As we came across unfamiliar terms, students looked up words in an attempt to uncover their meaning and better understand each lesson. We discussed the value in developing our own interpretations of each text. Students are being asked to create connections between these texts and their own lives. Each student has received a source packet that contains the verses in both Hebrew and English. We have also been using The Illustrated Pirkei Avot as an additional resource. Our sessions thus far have lead to fantastic questions and interpretations.


Click here to access our classroom notes:

Pirkei Avot Google Slides

Pirkei Avot Ch. 1 (Hebrew and English)

The Illustrated Pirkei Avot Cartoons

January 19

Grade 7: Interpersonal Mitzvot Video Project

Interpersonal Mitzvot Video Project

Assignment: Students will dive deeper into one of the mitzvot we have studied in class. Each group will create a video that can be used to teach others about their specific mitzvah. The purpose of this assignment is to analyze the mitzvah, discuss its significance/relevance, and create a skit that demonstrates the real-life application. 

Due Dates:

Monday (1/25)-Group check-in #1

Tuesday (1/26)-Group graphic organizer complete

Monday (2/1)- Script complete

Tuesday (2/2)-Group check-in #2

Monday (2/22)- Final project submitted to Mr. Washerstein


Click the link below to learn more about this assignment:

Interpersonal Mitzvot Video Project



  1. Ben-Leo-Lo Tikom 
  2. Maya-Halel-Gemilut Hasadim
  3. Yardayna-Audrey-Lo Tachmod
  4. Griffin-Maytal-Meirav-Lo Tachmod
  5. Sophie-Ezra-Lo Tikom


January 13

Grade 7: Partnership with TAMIR

As our class continues to learn about interpersonal mitzvot, we will also continue our Grade 7 Mitzvah Project. Today the Grade 7 students participated in an eye-opening session on inclusion and Jewish values ran by Jodi Green. Our class discussed the importance of B’tzelem Elohim and ways that we can choose to make our environment more inclusive.

Moving forward, our class and three TAMIR residents will be working together to teach one another. Our class is thrilled to begin this partnership with TAMIR!  We will be planning Purim activities and even engaging in virtual megillah reading! We are excited to see where this partnership will take us.


January 4

Grades 6-8: Current Event Update (Israel Leads the Way in COVID-19 Vaccinations)

Israel is leading the way in COVID-19 vaccination distribution. We often discuss the fact that despite being a smaller country, Israel is one of the most advanced nations in the entire world. Here is another example of incredible Israeli ingenuity!

Click the links below to learn more about the success of Israel’s vaccination rollout:

Here’s How Israel Prepared for COVID-19 Vaccinations

Israel Distributes Vaccine at a Rapid Rate

December 14

Grades 6-8: Chanukah Celebrations Continue!

The students are quite excited to celebrate Chanukah! Throughout the duration of this week, students will be participating in a variety of Chanukah activities. We will analyze the Chanukah story from a historical perspective and examine the story of Yehudit. Our class will also participate in a dreidel spinning competition! Who will be crowned dreidel champion in each class?

Click the link below to access our slideshow of activities:

Chanukah Activities Slideshow


Happy Hanukkah Gold Menorah, Baked Donuts With Blueberry And Confetti  Chocolate Glaze, Wood Dreidel Stock Vector - Illustration of bokeh,  background: 131658614

December 9

Grade 7: Mitzvah Project

Over the last two weeks, our class has been working on creating our mitzvah project. As we are learning about gemilut hasadim (act of loving kindness), the students decided they wanted to show their appreciation for our local heroes. We are creating care packages for firefighters in Ottawa to help sweeten their holiday. Each member of the class has taken on a specific role to help facilitate our mitzvah project. Our class will be collecting goods and donations until Tuesday, December 15th.


Check out some of the posters that were made by our Grade 7 cohort: