May 16

Grade 8: Escape from Sobibor (Due: Tuesday 6/14)

This week we are shifting our focus in Jewish Studies to various resistance attempts that were made by both Jews and gentiles during the Holocaust. Students will be watching, analyzing, and discussing the film, Escape from Sobibor. This film depicts the largest escape from an extermination camp during the Holocaust.

Please read the corresponding questions prior to watching the film. Students will be asked to jot down notes as they watch. By taking notes, students will be able to more accurately recall details as they answer the critical analysis questions.

We will set a due date for these questions upon completing the movie.

Please click the link below to access the Escape from Sobibor Questions:

Escape from Sobibor Critical Thinking Questions

Please skip the scene at 45:40. This scene contains graphic content and will be skipped in class as well.

The movie can be watched via Youtube on the link below or on Amazon Prime (for those who have access). If you decide to watch it on Prime, please make sure you choose the Escape from Sobibor 1987 film.

May 9

Grade 8: Reflect Upon a Survivor’s Story (Due: Friday 5/20)

Today students will read and reflect upon the story of a Holocaust Survivor. The website  Holocaust Survivor Stories provides students with various personal narratives of survivors.

*Students are encouraged to read multiple stories in order to determine which narrative speaks to them personally*

Directions: Students will choose a survivor’s narrative to read. After reading their story, students will answer the following reflection questions. 

  1. What feelings did this narrative elicit? (Explain the thoughts or emotions you felt while reading this story)
  2. What part of the story did you find most intriguing? Why?
  3. What lessons can you learn from this narrative?
  4. How could you use this story to educate others?


Answer the questions in paragraph form. 

Review reflective writing strategies: Reflective Writing Google Slides


Click the link below to access the Holocaust Survivor Narrative Reflection Graphic Organizer:

Holocaust Survivor Narrative Reflection Graphic Organizer

May 9

Grade 8: Holocaust Test (Tuesday 6/7)

As a class, we decided that we will be taking our assessment on Tuesday, June 7th. This assessment will be a mixture of multiple-choice questions, matching, definitions, and short answers. Students should begin to review their notes daily. Although we have not fully completed the curriculum at this point, the students have asked to be provided with their study sheets well in advance.

If anyone is missing notes, our entire Google Slides notes presentation can be found here: Holocaust Notes Presentation 

Students can begin to prepare for their assessment by making a copy and completing the study guide below:

Holocaust Test Study Guide

Click the link below to access a review Kahoot:

Holocaust Review Kahoot

April 1

Grades 6-8: Mitzvah Trip #2 JFS Food Packaging

On Monday, April 4th, 2022 we will be creating Passover care packages for senior citizens. We will be partnering with Jewish Family Services (JFS) to help them create care packages for elderly members of our community. Many of these members of our community are isolated and are unable to celebrate the holiday with their family members. These care packages will allow them to celebrate the holiday.

Today students learned about the Jewish value:

Kibud Zekaynim

כבוד זקנים

Judaism teaches us that we must “honour our elders”. Paying respect to senior citizens is essential. It is important to learn from those who have come before us. We value the wisdom of past generations. We will be spending time analyzing and discussing this essential Jewish value. 

Mitzah Trip #2 Slideshow


March 17

Grade 8: Current Event (Due: Thursday 3/24)

This year students will be responsible for researching, analyzing, and presenting a current event in our Jewish Studies course.

Directions: Find an article either in the newspaper or online from a newspaper source. Examples include: CBC News, USA Today,  CTV News, Associated Press, The New York Times, Ynetnews Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, Times of Israel,  etc., or any other reputable national or local source. Read the article and fill out the statements or answer the questions below.

Please find and read about important issues that relate/connect to antisemitism.

Because this is a current events assignment, you are to choose an article that is no more than two weeks old from when the assignment is given.

Be prepared to discuss your article in class on the due date!


Please click the link below to access the current event template: 

Current Events Write Up Assignment Instructions

March 8

Grade 8: “None is Too Many” Policy (Due: Wednesday 3/16)

This week we will be discussing the horrific narrative of the MS St. Louis. We watched an incredible documentary that provided our class with testimonies from historians and survivors who experienced this infamous event firsthand. Students will read and analyze a document that discusses specific policies in Canada that were enacted to keep the Jewish people out.

Click the link below to access the assignment:

Canada’s Role in the M.S. St. Louis

January 25

Grades 6-8: International Holocaust Remembrance Day (Thursday, January 27th)

This week the middle school students will be focusing on the Holocaust. Although we typically commemorate the Holocaust on Yom HaShoah, we will also be participating in a variety of Holocaust-related discussions and learning opportunities this week. International Holocaust Remembrance Day was is commemorated on January 27th, as this the date that Auschwitz was liberated by the Soviet Forces.

On Thursday, students will be taking a virtual tour of the Los Angeles Holocaust Museum. We will learn about the Holocaust and have the opportunity to view some of the exhibits via Zoom. 

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Additionally, students will be participating in the #WeRemember campaign in conjunction with the Jewish Federation of Ottawa.

I have put together a small slideshow with a variety of resources and videos that correspond with International Holocaust Remembrance Day. This is a live document that will be continually updated with resources, videos, and activities.

What Do We Remember on Holocaust Remembrance Day?

January 23

Grade 8: WWI/Treaty of Versailles Graphic Organizer + Various Perspective Assignment (Due: Monday 1/31)

Our class has been studying and analyzing the effects of WWI and The Treaty of Versailles in order to build a stronger historical knowledge base. The purpose of this activity is to synthesize their comprehension and analyze various perspectives regarding the Treaty of Versailles. Throughout these discussions and activities, the students will begin to understand the desperation that was felt in Germany following WWI. Next week, students will begin to learn about the rise of dictators and how Adolf Hitler came to power.


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This link will help you describe the feelings of the various countries in greater detail:
January 13

Grade 8: Virtual Discussion with Tibor Egervari

On Monday the Grade 8 class had the opportunity to engage in a discussion with a Holocaust survivor on Zoom. Our guest speaker, Tibor Egervari, shared his story and explained how he ended up in Canada. Tibor answered a variety of questions and provided the students with his unique insight. Tibor shared his own life lessons and encouraged our students to take a stand when they witness injustice occurring in our world. We are incredibly grateful that Tibor was able to share his perspective with us.