November 13

Grade 7: “Lookstein Virtual Update – Shmuel II, Perek 4,”

Dear Parents –

I wanted to share with you some of what we are learning about in 7th grade Navi.  Today we wrapped up Perek (Chapter) 4 of Shmuel II. For the past 4 chapters, David has been establishing himself on the throne. First he learned and eulogized his predecessor Shaul. He outlasted a coup organized by Shaul’s heirs that questioned David’s right to assume the throne. Eventually, he recruited all the lagging citizens to follow him and support him. Finally, this week we learned of the assassination of Ish Boshet, Shaul’s son. In class we discussed whether the assassins were justified in killing some guilty of treason or if Ish Boshet had a right to stand trial. The class discussed the place of vigilantism and connected it to the anniversary (November 5) of Rabin’s assassination.

We will now focus on the building the house of David – literally and figuratively – when we start Perek 5 and learn about the choice of Jerusalem as his capital city.