November 6

Grade 6: Watch and Respond

Last we began discussing the meaning behind reaching the milestone of Bar/Bat Mitzvah. We will be focusing on the responsibilities that one has once reaching the age of Bar/Bat Mitzvah. In class, we often emphasize that everyone practices Judaism in their own unique way. When discussing traditions and practices within our class, we celebrate the idea that Judaism may look and feel differently in every household.


Take a look at the video below and comment your thoughts:

How does your Jewish community embrace the needs of others? In what way could it improve?

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11 thoughts on “Grade 6: Watch and Respond

  1. Griffin Baker

    Well I don’t know about this. My shul doesn’t have any disabled people as far as I know so they don’t bother with it. I’m sure they would if they needed too but as of now there aren’t ramps, braille or anything else, actually I think there are handicapped bathrooms but that’s it.

  2. audreyb2

    I think that the way my Jewish community embraces the needs of others is that my shul brings in drag queens and transgender people to speak about there jewish life. We also have a couple of trans peopele who are members of the shul and go cuit frecuntly.

  3. ravi

    At my shul we invite tamir residents to our shul so they can get included in our jewish community. We have multiple tzedakah boxes and we have an all inclusive (whatever gender you are) bathroom. Something that we can improve is add another all inclusive bathroom because the one we have has only one stall.

  4. elishaw1

    Well I know someone which is my grandpas friend and he’s giving food to the less fortunate families and my grandpa gave 1000 dollars to this company. Also they should add more brail signs to our community.

  5. Violetanne

    In my synagogue there is an elevator for those who are paralyzed. At school on the last Friday of every month we give money to a charity that helps people. In my class every Friday a boy with Angelman-Syndrome comes to our class and participates in a way. These are just some of the ways we embrace the needs of others.

  6. Maytal

    At my Synagogue we have a kosher food bank to give to people who can not afford food. In Florida we make for bags and then we put them in our cars and then when we see a homeless person we go out and give them the food bag. We could improve by having an event when we go around the city with food and water and blankets etc. Then we would hand them out to homeless people as we walk around. We could also build a homeless shelter for every one who can’t afford a house. At my school we could have a funraiser and raise money for homeless. Another event that happens is Wheels on Wheels. That is where you walk around and hand out food to homeless people.

  7. Sophie

    well, my shul does Hebrew school on Sundays. Also the Shul that my mom used to work at has an elevator so disabled people can go downstairs for Kiddush and in the sanctuary there is a tzedakkah box for money.


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