March 18


PESACH SCAVENGER HUNT: Today we will begin learning about Pesach. Please answer the following questions. If you do not know one of the answers, you are allowed to search the internet to find the appropriate response. MAKE SURE YOU COPY AND PASTE THE LINK WHERE YOU FOUND THE ANSWER.
For example:
1. How many cups of wine do we drink at the seder? 4

The following are suggested sites which may help

1.The five foods on the Seder plate are:
2. What do the 5 foods symbolize?
3.What is the festive meal called on Passover?
4. List the order and a brief description of the seder (15)
5. What is the dessert called on Pesach?
6. List the 4 questions of the Mah Nishtana
7.What Megliah do we read on Pesach?
8. How many Seders do we have in Canada and in Israel?
9. What is Shemurah Matzah?
10. List the 10 Plagues
11. Name the 4 sons
12.How many cups of grape juice do we drink and what do they symbolize?
13. What do the 3 Matzot represent?
14. What language is Ha Lachma Anya written in הא לחמא עניא?
15. Who is the fifth cup for?
16. Why do we have a Seder?
17. Why do we eat Matzah?
18. What is Korban Pesach?
19. Why do we recline
20. What are the other names for Pesach (3 names)?
21. What are Matza balls made of?
22. What is your favorite part of the Pesach Seder?
23. What is the name of the book we use at the Seder?
24. Who is supposed to recite the Mah Nishtana and why?
25. In which Sefer (5 books of Moshe) is the Pesach story located?
26. What is the special “counting” we do starting the second night of Pesach?
27. What do you put on your fried Matzah?
28. Explain Bedikat Chametz?
29. What is Mechirat Chametz?
30. What is Biur Chametz?
31. When is Biur Chametz?
32. What is Maot Chitim?
33. Why is Maot Chitim important?
34. What is the fast called erev Pesach?
35. Who is supposed to fast?
36. Why is there a fast?
37. What is your favorite Matza dish?
38. At what point of the Seder do we search for the afikomen?
39. What is the Jewish Calendar date of Pesach?
40. What are the middle days of Pesach called?
41. Why do some people have a pillow on their chair?
42. Are there any customs you do on Pesach which can you share?
43. Some individuals wear a kittel during a seder. What is a kittel and why do some individuals where it?
44. What is Chametz?
45. What is the reason we don’t eat chametz?
46. What is the name of the Tfilah we add during the Amidah (Shemoneh Esrei)?
47. Every day during Pesach we add a group of prayers called Hallel, why?
48. What is Bitul Chametz?
49. How many verses are in the song Echad Mi Yodeah?
50. What is the song Chad Gadya about?

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