November 24

מי אני? Grade 6 Hebrew project

שלום הורים יקרים

We just finished our first big project of the year.

The students worked hard and did an amazing job presenting it to the class. They started off by writing all of the information in Hebrew, and made a beautiful Canva project. All the practice paid off. The oral presentations were wonderful. !!!  כל הכבוד

We learned how to introduce ourselves in Hebrew, and to share important and interesting facts about ourselves.

Here is an example of one of the project.

תהילה- מי אני

Be sure to check your child’s project!


September 19

Grade 6: D’var Torah Assignment

Each week, a student from each class will compose a D’var Torah and present it to their peers.

What is a D’var Torah?

A D’var Torah (a word of Torah) is a discussion or explanation based on the weekly parsha. The D’var Torah provides a brief summary and analysis of a lesson or interesting interpretation regarding the weekly Torah portion. 

Assignment: Each student will create a D’var Torah for an assigned portion that will be shared with their peers during the correlating Thursday tefillah service. Students will practice their public speaking skills and actively engage in Torah study. This assignment will count towards your grade for both Language Arts and Jewish Studies rubrics. 

Click here to access the assignment:

Washerstein D’var Torah Assignment


Click here to access the D’var Torah example: 

D’var Torah Checklist


Click here to access the example: 

Washerstein D’var Torah Example


Click here to access the D’var Torah schedule:

Grade 6 D’var Torah Schedule