January 24

Grade 7 Ivrit class presented their beautiful VR projects

On Thursday, my wonderful Grade 7  students presented their VR projects on Tzfat. I’m so very proud of their work and dedication towards this project.

Unfortunately you aren’t able to watch them through the special goggles, just know it looks really awesome through there.

Sarah and Yamaya’s Tzfat Project

Ruben’s Tzfat Project

Maayan’s Tzfat Project

Jenny and Jordan’s Tzfat Project

Enjoy the projects!

Morah Ruthie




January 10

Grade 6 Luach Assignment (Calendar)

This week Grade 6 worked on their holiday assignment. Many of the students know about the Chagim (holidays) but are not aware where the laws, customs, and traditions are derived from. We introduced the Shulchan Aruch, Rambam, and other Talmudic type sources.

The students will be presenting their findings to the whole class.

December 20

Grade 8 Weekly Round-Up

An amazing week!!! The students started to present their case studies. One student discussed, according to Judaism, what is our responsibility towards individuals in need. Are there charitable organizations we should prioritize?


Another case study focused on Tattoos.  If one survives a life-threatening illness can one celebrate life with a Tattoo? If grandchildren of Holocaust survivors want to tattoo their grandparents’ numbers on their arms, is that acceptable?

I look forward to the rest of the presentations upon our return.

Below is one of our presentations:


November 7

Do you believe in and or agree we all have the right – “freedom of expression”?

Make sure you start with step 1. (Please do not go to step 3 until you finish step 1 and 2.

1.Please take 5 minutes and write your opinion based on the header of this blog. (Title your google doc, Freedom of Expression)

2. Ask someone in class their perspective and try to argue the other side.  (Add his/her argument and your counter-argument to the doc)



October 25

Grade 8 Weekly Round-UP

The 8th graders are learning about the Torah She’bal Peh.  For future assignments, the students will have the ability and skills to understand how Jewish law evolved and continues to evolve.   The first project we will be focusing on are the laws of Channukah: what miracle do we commemorate, why light 8 candles and why do we light in a certain direction.


October 10

Grade 6 Weekly Round-Up

Chag Sameach and Good Yor (a phrase we say after and during Yom Kippur)

This week we learned about the Jewish Laws of Yom Kippur. We also discussed upcoming projects. The students will be split into 4 groups based on interests. The groups are as follows: Parsha Play, Hiddur Mitzva (beautifying OJCS), Chagim and Tech, and Brachot.