Grade 7: Interpersonal Mitzvot Video Project

Students are being tasked with diving deeper into one of the mitzvot we have studied in class. This is a fantastic opportunity to head down to the Makerspace and use the green room for video recording.

Interpersonal Mitzvot Project (instructions, organizer, rubric)

Peer and Self-Evaluation Form

 Each group will create a video presentation that explains:

  1. Where are the mitzvah and the connection to Judaism explained? (Torah? Mishnah?)
  2. The meaning/significance of the mitzvah 
    • What does the mitzvah mean?
    • Why is it important to Jewish life?
    • Can this mitzvah be interpreted/performed in more than one way?
  1. What have Jewish commentators said about your mitzvah? 
    • Utilize Sefaria to find various commentaries on your mitzvah
  1.   How does this mitzvah connect to your life and modern everyday situations? 
  2.   Why do you believe this mitzvah is essential?



  • Research your mitzvah to uncover various interpretations and applications
  • Answer all of the questions above
  • Each person in your group must speak at least once in the video
  • This video will also include a skit/visual representation of the lesson learned
  • Minimum of three minutes long (maximum of eight minutes)


Due Dates:

Monday (2/6)-Assigned

Monday (2/13)-Group graphic organizer complete (Group check-in #1)

Wednesday (2/15)- Script complete

Wednesday (2/28)-Group check-in #2

Friday (3/3)- Final project submitted to Mr. Washerstein

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