December 1

Grade 6 Dvar Torah – Toldot


This week’s parashah is Toldot. In this parashah, Isaac, and Rebbeca express their frustration as they have been trying to have children for twenty years. Finally, G-d answers Isaac and Rebecca’s prayers by enabling Rebecca to be pregnant. As Rebbeca suffers through a difficult pregnancy, G-d tells her that, “There are two nations in your whom, and the younger one will look up to the older one.” The firstborn son was named Esau and the second son was named Jacob.

Esau was a hunter and Jacob had a love for learning and was a shepherd. One day when Esau comes home from hunting Jacob was making a batch of Esau’s favourite lentil soup. Jacob proposes a trade one bowl of soup for Esau’s blessing of the firstborn. Due to Esau’s hunger, he accepted the deal not thinking what would happen next. Isaac was blind therefore; he wouldn’t be able to tell that it wasn’t the right son. Esau had much more hair so Jacob added hair to his body and wore Esau’s clothes prior to receiving the blessing. Immediately after Jacob gets the blessing Rebecca tells Jacob to flee the town and to create a family before Esau realizes what he did.

Presented by Ava G and Maytal M

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