December 2

Grade 8 – Debate Presentation – Jewish Halacha – Moot Beit Din

What can rabbinic arguments teach us about complicated contemporary issues like War or Gender issues? By applying these established arguments to a modern scenario, you will gain a deeper understanding of the issue at hand as well as the applicable rabbinic arguments.


Once you have gathered all the information you must present on Dec. 16 and 18 your findings.

Presentation Options: Slides, Video, Lecture, Paper:


Content: 40 Points (Include minimally the examples we went through one on one)

Organization: 20 Points (Students present information in a logical fashion)

Delivery: 10 Points (Students used clear voice and appropriate pronunciation)

Visuals: 10 Points (Students used visuals as a reinforcement)


Include the following:

Please use the guidelines in your content folder.  On the day of the presentation, you will pose your questions, explain where in the Torah it is mentioned, interpret the Taanim (Talmud), Rishonim (Maimonadies) and Achronim (Contemporary Rabbis) responsa.

You must also present the other side of the argument if you agree, share the argument of individuals who disagree.

Examples of Presentations:

After all the presentations we will vote which 1 or 2 we will have the local Rabbis Debate.

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