August 31

הטיול של הכיתה


בְּכִתָּה ו’ אֲנַחְנוּ לוֹמְדִים עִם הַסֵּפֶר “חֲבֵרִים בְּעִבְרִית” הַטִּיּוּל שֶׁל הַכִּתָּה. בַּסֵּפֶר

הַזֶּה יֵשׁ סִיפּוּרִים קְצָרִים עַל יְלָדִים שֶׁיּוֹצְאִים לְטִיּוּלִים בְּאֶרֶץ יִשְׂרָאֵל 

הַטִּיּוּל שֶׁלָּנוּ יִהְיֶה כָּל יוֹם בַּכִּתָּה

הַטִּיּוּל יִהְיֶה באוטבה

וְהַטִּיּוּל שֶׁלָּנוּ יִהְיֶה שָׂמַח מְאוֹד

August 29

New Developments in Judaic Studies-Middle School from Rabbi Finkelstein

Welcome back to a new year and new programming in Jewish Studies in the middle school. This year, we welcome Michael Washerstein who will be teaching Jewish History, ethics, in addition to courses on Israel and Jewish current events.  I will be returning to the classroom for grades 6,7,8 and will be teaching Torah text as well as contemporary issues in Jewish law in addition to the study of the tenets of our faith and practices.

It is important to note that a prime component of this newly revised Judaic Studies program is to encourage critical thinking development skills on the parts of the students. The days of frontal lecturing are gone, and we are encouraging our students to use their technological knowhow and G-d given intellect to expand their horizons in Judaic studies. Therefore, I am encouraging our students to  examine different sites on the Internet dedicated to Judaic Studies and text.

Students will become familiar with which presents the entire gamut of Judaic texts ranging from Tanach to Talmud and beyond with English translation in addition to the Hebrew text. They will be looking at sites like for perspectives on Jewish History and on contemporary issues and Israel, for example.

Hebrew language instruction continuing with Morah Ruthie and Morah Noga will continue to emphasize
more Hebrew conversational proficiency. An exciting year is planned in Hebrew.

In addition, as Jon indicated extensively in his blog, we are introducing organized tefilla for grades 6-8, with the options of a traditional non-egalitarian and traditional egalitarian service provided. Part and parcel of the tefilla program will include discussions and dialogue about prayer.

We also welcome Inbar and Liam,our two new shinshinim, who will be providing Israel programming this year.



August 29

How to use

As I indicated in my last post, we will be using extensively in class and in homework assignments. Parents and students are encouraged to sign up to use this site for the purpose of researching source sheets that have been compiled by many editors encompassing many topics of Judaica.
It is not necessary to sign on to sefaria in order to gain access to sources.

To access the sources on sefaria,click onto the site and then click on the three horizontal parallel lines on the left hand side of the screen. That will open a table of the numerous source materials. If one wants to find a chapter from the book of Exodus for example, one would click onto Tanach,and the 24 books of the Bible will come up. Click onto Exodus, and search for the chapter and verse you need. Clicking on the top chapter number at the top of the page will reveal all of the chapters of that book.

By signing onto sefaria, you can also access my source sheets which I am preparing for the students in my classes.

August 28

Lunch and learn today

It was wonderful to engage in a lunch and learn with the OJCS faculty and admin teams. I appreciated everyone’s input in dealing with a difficult topic concerning the redemption of hostages from a Jewish legal point of view. We addressed this issue in terms of how we deal with and teach morals and values, and not just the basics.

Secondly, this new blogging experience is wonderful and electrifying. It will give us the opportunity to share feelings, thoughts, resources and other items in a professionally edifying manner.

August 28

Welcome all Hebrew Core students!

Shalom to all my students.

I hope you all had a great summer.

I look froward working with you.

שלום לתלמידים המקסימים שלי

אני מאוד שמחה שאנחנו לומדים ביחד עברית

הכיתה שלנו תהיה כיתה של חברות טובה

עזרה לחבר וחברה

והצלחה לכולנו

Dear Parents and Students,

Please take a look at this presentation as its explained

essential information for you and for your child.

Lehitrahot on Tuesday.